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star_69 Member (20136posts)
2/11/2003 4:07:00 PM

i cant invite her to my place for diner cuz she wont wanna leave

so should i just offer her some money or a sandwich for head in an alley ??? blush

the_cats_meow33701 Member (391posts)
2/11/2003 5:36:00 PM
invite her over get the head and send her packin with the sandwich..


star_69 Member (20136posts)
2/11/2003 5:42:00 PM
LOL big grin

zzzxxx999 Member (3868posts)
2/11/2003 5:49:00 PM
if there was ever a perfect time for sex in the shower..

that would be it

star_69 Member (20136posts)
2/11/2003 6:05:00 PM

FroggyDude Member (947posts)
2/11/2003 6:10:00 PM
if she's hot why not invite her in?

she can always get the boot

but wait dude!
what if she's another crack or heroine hoe?

star_69 Member (20136posts)
2/11/2003 6:21:00 PM
yea man ..she might steal my SHlT big grin

Candyman Member (8743posts)
2/11/2003 6:24:00 PM
maybe she will squeegie your windows at your place

KelseyKels Member (5938posts)
2/11/2003 7:04:00 PM
yeah, if she's a meth head, your house will be spotless...if she doesn't steal your shizz. blank stare

Vickdogg Member (7754posts)
2/12/2003 12:23:00 AM

blackman Member (6952posts)
2/16/2003 1:38:00 AM
big grin

raven_sky Member (4405posts)
2/16/2003 3:00:00 AM
angel angel angel

FilthyGeek Nightlife Industry (10142posts)
4/29/2003 3:00:00 AM
Scruffy Duffy in love

ubiquitous Member (11858posts)
4/29/2003 3:06:00 AM

Sos pad her down
and make like spock.

Moondog Member (4307posts)
4/29/2003 4:03:00 AM
Oddly......this happens to be the one thread in 10,000 I take offense to.

bang head

carry on bashing I will vent elsewhere.

star_69 Member (20136posts)
4/29/2003 5:51:00 AM
why did u take offence??

i didnt really do her!
i kinda felt sorry for her

and she was i added afew 'bits' to the story and made a thread wink

wolfchick Moderator (45828posts)
4/29/2003 7:50:00 AM
Three ways of looking at this:

One: I think bashing the poor and homeless is cruel and senseless. She was once (and may still be) someone's daughter. Someone's sister. Someone who really needs help. Not a freak show for you to abuse. Everyone takes and takes from her. You too? Not good.

Two: Someone I know someone who once tried to "rescuing" a young gorgeous homeless girl. He fell in love with her. Within a year, he had lost his house, his car, his van, his job, all because there was so much drama, and court, and addiction services, and so on. She ended up giving birth to his kid so he's tied to her for life now. He's gone back to school and tried to reclaim his life, but she's always there waiting for child support and ready to accuse him of stuff he hasn't done because she needs him in court to feed her own sick state of having a platform. Very sad case.

Third: I was 21 and foolish when I first met a young homeless woman on my way home from a nightclub one night. She asked if she could come in to my place just for a quick shower and was willing to pay me her panhandling money (about $3). She was only 15. I said okay. She started visiting every two or three days. Eventually we became friends. She was on the street for a miriad of reasons. I helped her get a shared place and back in to school. Her drive was there and without it no amount of my help would have made a difference. She eventually left town and married her dream man 6 years ago. She has a beautiful little daughter, is now working part time and making very good money, and has all the characteristics of a good suburban housewife/mom. I love her dearly and she thanks me every time we talk. I think she had it in her and just needed someone to believe that.

Steel_Magnolia Member (1349posts)
4/29/2003 7:57:00 AM
Okay ... Hey .. I agree with ^^ .. but that said .. come on its just CV ... yeah they're making fun of the homeless...but then again ... they make fun of EVERYONE on here... .... its inevitable ..on each post someone is bound to be offended.... I could cry about all the slutty dumb blonde jokes on here... but whatever.... roll with the punches.. you dont have to agree with ANYTHING these pple say .....

Moondog Member (4307posts)
4/29/2003 8:56:00 AM
I just have grown up in a different world then most of you. I know Hookers, Pimps, drug dealers, gang bangers, strippers, even shared a beer or two with a homeless guy once. I never asked you guys to stop, hell it is even kind of funny but as I stated I was offended, but nothing to worry about. I am just a tad touchy when it comes to real world issues like this. I remember growing up and my Father trying his hardest to make us feel like we were rich. I gets hard though when he drives a beat up old van and we live in such and old house the slumlord won't repair much and you have ants crawling through your house.

Xtafen Nightlife Industry (21390posts)
4/29/2003 9:01:00 AM
Joke from 3000 Miles to Graceland

What's the best thing about dating a homeless girl?

After the date, you can drop her off anywhere.

star_69 Member (20136posts)
4/29/2003 9:32:00 AM
blank stare lol

but i never made fun of the poor girl

i just typed out a perverse thought that was in my mind wink

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