Nipple sizes ( POST PICS)
 Nipple sizes ( POST PICS)
bubba06 Member (5posts)
11/17/2008 5:06:00 AM
Does nipple sizes really bother some guys? I know i like big nipples...
Do females hate that they either have small nipples or big nipples?

boost Member (17413posts)
11/17/2008 11:54:00 PM
lol @ post pics.


bubba06 Member (5posts)
11/18/2008 12:18:00 AM
Well this is more for my wife than me... she wants to see if others are in the same boat as her...

boost Member (17413posts)
11/18/2008 2:07:00 AM
i thought you were going to post pics.

bubba06 Member (5posts)
11/18/2008 2:10:00 AM
you want me to post a pic of my wife's nipple? i can do that as soon as i get a pic of it... but she wants to see other pics... my wife is bi... so she wants to see other nipples too...

bubba06 Member (5posts)
1/6/2009 12:28:00 AM

NickyNineDoors Member (2522posts)
1/6/2009 1:35:00 AM
Right. Your wife wants to see nipples, so therefore she gets YOU to go in the internet (she's clearly incapable) at a club forum, asking people to post pictures of nipples.

I mean she's obviously not able to look up porn by herself to make up her mind if others are like her.

mythos Member (24527posts)
1/7/2009 3:20:00 PM

looks like Allen Branan is failing at the internet.

ESCO_ Clubber (6616posts)
1/7/2009 5:43:00 PM
so your sayin your looking for pepperoni nipples?

bubba06 Member (5posts)
1/8/2009 10:29:00 PM
Yes we are... females not males pepperoni nipples...

xxsexyeuroxx Member (2posts)
1/12/2009 2:18:00 AM
LOL @ this convo

FriendyAnil Member (1posts)
3/29/2010 8:11:00 AM
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_stranger_ Dancer (38129posts)
3/30/2010 2:27:00 AM
You should arrange a 3some between you, your wife and another woman with big nipples.

That's how you sell it to the wife.

Except, you trick her.

When the bra comes off the other woman, she has tiny nipples and then you both laugh and point at your wife's.

Dane824 Member (1posts)
7/5/2010 1:41:00 PM
I love rather large nipples. Breast size really doesn't matter all that much to me.. I've been with women with both small and large breast. The larger one are definitely attention grabbers, but the B and C's seems to be where it at for me, provided they have rather large nipples...

Jasonasix Nightlife Industry (3posts)
7/5/2010 6:04:00 PM
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purplepan7 Member (7posts)
7/19/2010 5:10:00 PM
haha i like both large and small nipples of course too big and too small looks weird but it doesnt bother me. honestly my preference is medium size but if i had to choose one it would be small.

mac1984 Nightlife Industry (9posts)
8/6/2010 1:45:00 PM
I love medium boobs with big nipples good to suck them

mac1984 Nightlife Industry (9posts)
8/6/2010 1:46:00 PM
Big ones r to play a soccer

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