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6/1/2010 6:59:00 AM
Love conquers all and then some in Kites, a flambouyant and fun mixed message film from AMPR now lighting up screens at Empire Studio 12 Guildford, Silver City Mission, Silver City Riverport and Strawberry Hill..
East meets west and the world will never be the same. Kites is a great Indian/American production that shows the power of romance, struggle and the lengths some folks will go to live in a free country. Director/co-writer Anurag Basu takes the best of western pop culture and immerses members of the Indo-American community in this winner take all movie. What better place than Las Vegas, Nevada to chart the course of a rags to riches entrepreneur and a street smart hustler out to make his mark.
Love is at the centre of Kites which features misguided alliances and some truly wacky situations. Things go off course in a whole series of directions for Jay. From Mumbai India actor Hrithik Roshan takes control of the screen as the local punk with a penchant for just about scamming everyone who comes his way. Handsome and sharp Jay falls for an Indian girl called Gina. Coy and shy is Gina as portrayed by Kangawa Ranany the two begin an on again off again romance. Little does Jay know that Gina is part of a rather unique extended family that will ultimately take control of his life.
Fans of Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous will feel right at home inside the family trappings of Gina. Born to rich parents Gina’s wealth is derived from a casino. Introduced to this decadent lifestyle Jay seems to have found his true calling. Another woman, however, drives a wedge into his heart and leads to an assortment of situations too senseless to comprehend. Her name is Natasha and this vision is brought forth by Barbara Mori. Unfortunately for Jay she’s predisposed, being paired off with Gina’s brother Tony. Hot and bothered Nicholas Brown breathes fire as the heir to a gaming empire who regards Natasha as just another plaything. So the dye is cast for a power struggle like no other as two egotistical men go at it hot and heavy to win the heart of a once upon a time impoverished girl.
Full of car chases, chest-pounding teresterone driven attacks, wild shoot-outs and more ridiculous escapes Kites is one close call after another. Everything in this movie runs like clockwork. Call this an Indianized version of The Sopranos complete with crime bosses, power-driven egomaniacs and a wonderful love story at the heart of the manipulations.
Enough can’t be said of the mesmerizing performance given off by Hrithik Roshan. Looking like a Josh Lucas clone Roshan is dazzling as the hot hoofer whose dance numbers foretell a warm heart full of passion and conviction. When this warmness collides with the bloodthirsty lust of Tony you just know someone’s going to get whacked. Here the special effects and humour are completely out of control and thoroughly engaging. Action fans will lap this all up and romantics will also be swayed by the sensual nature of the loving. More importantly, you’ll feel the heat and understand the reasoning behind going all out to protect those who you love.
A quick tempo, nice musical accompaniment, great location shots of the glitz of Las Vegas and the ability to mesh eastern traditions, albeit so slightly, with hot western trends and pop culture make Kites an over the top sensation sure to turn you on.

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